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Best dental plaque removal from pets

Pet Oral Care Without Anesthesia

Without Anesthesia

Pet Oral Care Without Anesthesia

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About Say Ahhh

We love what we do it

Say Ahhh is a company that provides pet dental deep cleaning services from West Palm Beach to Miami in a mobile clinic. Say Ahhh specializes in removing plaque and germs from pets mouths without anesthesia. This cleaning allows you to improve the general oral health of your dog and prevent the accumulation of dental tartar, gingivitis or gum disease.

We also offer other basic cleaning treatments such as trimming the nails, cleaning the ears and extirpating the glands for your pet, these are beneficial for the health of your pets, extending their average life and eliminating unpleasant odors at home.

We love what we do and we treat your pets as we treat ours. This procedure is pain, stress, and anesthesia free.

Our Services

Non-anesthetic – we remove Dental Plaque from your pets

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Dogs under 40 pounds

Smaller pets have smaller mouths and teeth, but be careful because there can be a lot of plaque and germs on those little teeth.


pets oral care at home

Dogs over 40 pounds

Larger pets require more work and dedication to completely remove the plaque on their teeth. Your dog will thank you.


pets oral care at home

Cats of any size

A good removal of plaque and germs from your cat's teeth can prevent the onset of painful dental diseases for your cat.


Additional nail trimming, ear and gland cleaning $25

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Our philosophy:

The ideal business should be based on passion and opportunity. We’ve been lucky enough to have always had a strong passion for working with animals. With this business, we’ve been given the opportunity to help so many pets and pet owners happier and healthier lives. This company has allowed us to take advantage of both our passion and opportunity to bring to you a service crafted for your pets’ well-being.

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Gino Spinosi

CEO Say Ahhh

" The love and passion for animals has been present throughout my life... with Say Ahhh I found a way to help improve the lives of pets and be part of them."

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